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Mike Lindell plans to airdrop pillows to Canadian truckers by helicopter after being turned away at border

After his initial shipment was turned away at the Canadian border, MyPillow CEO and pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell says he’s hatched a plan to airdrop his pillows to the Canadian trucker convoy via helicopter, The Daily Beast reports.

The pillow maven told The Daily Beast late Wednesday night that he intends to drop his pillows into Canada from a helicopter “with little parachutes” attached. “We need to get the MyPillows to the people!” he continued. The 2020 election dead-ender further made it a point to ensure The Daily Beast noted in this report that the pillows will have “little parachutes,” adding, “make sure you put that part in, or it could be dangerous.”

When asked where he intends to drop the pillows, Lindell replied that he can’t divulge that information , but he has the helicopter confirmed.

“We have the helicopter confirmed, but we are moving the time up to 11 am,” Lindell said.

Lindell’s unvaccinated media crew was stopped from entering Canada this Tuesday.

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