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Mike Lindell said 30K people would attend the launch of his social media platform — around 1,500 showed up

Fans of MyPillow CEO and pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell reportedly stood in line for hours to attend his South Dakota rally this Monday, but when they finally entered the venue for the event, they found the place to be only half-full, Business Insider reports.

The rally was meant to celebrate the launch of his Frank social media platform — a rollout that has been riddled with glitches and setbacks. According to The Dickinson Press, some people stood in line for up to seven hours. As Business Insider points out, the Corn Palace venue seats about 3,000 people, but images posted to Twitter show the venue to be only about half-full.

According to reporter Zachary Petrizzo, only around 1,500 people attended the event.

After guests such as Ben Carson, conservative podcaster Eric Metaxas, and comedian Joe Piscopo gave their speeches, Lindell spoke for over an hour where he regurgitated the usual voter fraud conspiracy theories he’s disseminated since the 2020 election.

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