Mike Lindell says he’s lost his wealth due to his voter fraud crusade: ‘I’ve never been in debt like this’

During a telethon to benefit the 16 fake electors who were charged in Michigan, MyPillow CEO and diehard Trump supporter Mike Lindell revealed that he’s broke, RawStory reported.

“They’ve taken me down just in a bigger way,” he said. “I’ve had to borrow millions of dollars this summer. I’ve never been in debt like this for a long, long time.”

“When they weaponize the government against us, it seems like it’s insurmountable,” he continued while soliciting funds for the phony electors. “And these people that don’t have the resources, like you say, that I had, I don’t have anymore, but I had.”

Watch the video over at RawStory.

Sky Palma

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