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Mike Lindell says he’s spent over $20 million of his own money trying to overturn 2020 election results

Speaking to CNBC, MyPillow CEO and voter fraud conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell said he’s willing to go broke trying to prove the false claim that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.

According to Lindell, he’s spent $25 million of his own money since Election Day on his quest to overturn the election’s results and he plans to continue.

“I will keep spending it because there is no tomorrow. We lose our country. We either only have two paths: either it gets changed before the 2022 election or we lose our country forever. I will spend every dime I have,” Lindell told CNBC in an interview. “I will spend whatever it takes.”

From CNBC:

Lindell has a net worth of about $50 million, according to data from website Celebrity Net Worth. Lindell’s crusade to make changes to the election system has weighed on his company’s revenue, he said. MyPillow lost $80 million in sales after retailers pulled his products off the shelves over his election claims, Lindell said.

Lindell said the $25 million he spent so far on his effort to fight the legal election results went in part toward what he says are lawyers, cyber investigators and his cyber symposium earlier this year.

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