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Mike Lindell tells Steve Bannon the End Times are near: This is ‘Mark of the Beast stuff’

Speaking on the Feb. 6 edition of War Room: Pandemic, MyPillow CEO and Trump disciple Mike Lindell told host Steve Bannon that “if there’s a way to do it,” he’s planning to sue Dominion Voting Systems and the voting tech company Smartmatic to unveil the “truth” about mass voter fraud in America.

Bannon then mentioned a recent religious show Lindell appeared on, pointing out to Lindell that he brought up the “End Times” during his appearance.

“I think we’re going down a communist path,” Lindell said. “The socialism is coming in here. Everybody can look what happened in Nazi Germany. … It’s happening so fast, when I see and [experience] the cancelation of people, canceling out people’s jobs, they don’t exist.”

“When you take away all communication this is like — you know, you take away the communications, you take away anybody that can talk, now it’s this one world order, the stuff’s in Revelation,” he continued. “That’s what I was talking about and you combine that with this vaccine, that’s Mark of the Beast stuff. I mean this is horrible, keeping us indoors.”

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