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Mike Lindell: Watching a Trump rally is like ‘watching the same band over and over’

Speaking to South Texans during a rally this Saturday, former President Donald Trump passed out MAGA hats and launched into a speech with ominous warnings about migrants invading the country.

“We have immigrants coming in. It’s like an army,” Trump said. He added later, “They are storming our country. They are storming our borders.”

The theme was part of Trump’s usual list of grievances he expresses at rallies — illegal immigration, crime, and evil Democrats. During an interview with the Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) while attending the rally, MyPillow CEO, die-hard Trump supporter and 2020 election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell said that watching Trump on stage is like watching the same band “over and over,” and he loves it.

“I was talking to our real president the other day, and I was telling him how he’s one of the most gifted speakers I’ve ever heard in my lfe,” Lindell said, sounding slightly out of breath. “And nobody says that enough about him. That’s that the people love, I mean, he tells a story and you guys — he’s so funny! And it’s just — I mean, he’ll tell it in an entertaining way and it’s just amazing! I probably been to 150 rallies, and I sit there and it’s just — it’s like watching … I went a lot of concerts back in the day, and I would see the same band over and over because you love the content … it’s the same way and he doesn’t have a guitar!”

Watch the video below:

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