Mike Pence going without a mask at the Mayo Clinic made it easier tell ‘barefaced lies’: Bill Maher

During a fully quarantined monologue on the last at-home episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, host Bill Maher brought Vice President Mike Pence’s recent infamous trip to the Mayo Clinic, where he refused to wear a mask despite rules requiring all visitors to wear one.

“You know who else is not popular this week? Mike Pence,” Maher said.

“[Pence went] to the Mayo Clinic. Everyone was wearing a mask, of course, it was the Mayo Clinic, or everywhere,” Maher continued. “And he did not have a mask. Mike Pence said, ‘No it’s okay. I’ve been tested. And besides, they’re called barefaced lies.’”

According to reports, the Mayo Clinic has said that Pence was definitely informed about the mask policy before his visit. At least one journalist who was with Pence during he visit has said they were all told about the mask policy and that they must comply. According to the Washington Post, Pence was so unhappy with the word getting out that the reporter was banned from Air Force Two for two weeks as punishment.

Watch Maher’s full monologue below:

Sky Palma

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