Mike Pence: ‘Faith-based groups’ will replace ‘ineffective’ U.N. humanitarian aid efforts

This Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence announced that President Trump has instructed the State Department to stop funding various “ineffective” U.N. relief efforts and replace them with “faith-based groups” and USAID, a U.S. Government agency primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid.

According to The Hill, Pence gave a speech at the annual Solidarity Dinner for Christians in the Middle East and slammed the U.N., saying it has “often failed to help the most vulnerable communities especially religious minorities.”

“We will no longer rely on the United Nations alone to assist persecuted Christians and minorities in the wake of genocide and the atrocities of terrorist groups,” Pence said.

“The United States will work hand in hand from this day forward with faith-based groups and private orgs to help those who are persecuted for their faith,” he continued. “This is the moment, now is the time, and America will support these people in their hour of need.”

As The Hill points out, Pence was not specific about which U.N. programs would lose funding.

Pence said that the days of faith-based groups’ funding being rejected by the U.N. are “over.”

“Our fellow Christians and all who are persecuted in the Middle East should not have to rely on multinational institutions when America can help them directly,” he said.

According to Pence, the Christian religion is on the verge of extinction in certain part of the Middle East.

“Let me assure you tonight, President Trump and I see these crimes for what they are: vile acts of persecution animated by hatred for Christians in the gospel of Christ,” Pence said. “And so too does this president know who and what has perpetrated these crimes and he calls them by name: radical Islamic terrorists.”

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