Mike Pence says he was ‘never made aware’ of Trump declassifying the documents he took to Mar-a-Lago

During a wide-ranging interview this Sunday, former Vice President Mike Pence was asked by ABC News’ anchor Jonathan Karl whether he had heard anything to suggest then-President Donald Trump had issued an order declassifying documents, Pence said he was “never made aware” of any such efforts.

The question was in regards to Trump’s repeated claims that he declassified all of the documents he took with him to Mar-a-Lago after leaving the White House. According to an ABC News report this Sunday, sources familiar with the matter say Trump’s last chief of staff, Mark Meadows, told federal investigators that he was not aware of any such declassification order from Trump.

“First off, the handling of classified materials is enormously serious in the life of the nation, but I can’t really comment on your reporting. But in my case, I was never made aware of any broad-based effort to declassify documents,” Pence said. “There is a process that the White House goes through to declassify materials. I’m aware of that occurring on several occasions over the course of our four years, but I don’t have any knowledge of any broad-based directive from the president. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t occur. … It’s not something that I ever heard.”

“Look, President Trump is entitled to a presumption of innocence. He’s entitled to his day in court,” he said. “And I’m just not going to comment on the latest leak or the latest reporting coming out of that process.”

Watch the full interview over at ABC News.

Sky Palma

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