Mike Pence suggests he’ll run against Trump in 2024: ‘We’ll go where we’re called’

In an interview with The New York Times published this Monday, former Vice President Mike Pence suggested that he open to running against Donald Trump in the 2024 election, making a notable turn in the relationship between the two, Axios reports.

The rift between Pence and Trump likely started when Pence refused to cater to Trump and his allies who called in him to decertify the 2020 election’s results over their conspiracy theories alleging mass voter fraud. As Axios points out, Trump admitted back in March that the two had not spoken for a “long time.”

“We’ll go where we’re called,” Pence told the Times, adding that he as his wife Karen will pray over the matter.

Speaking to the Times, Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich accused Pence of being “desperate to chase his lost relevance.”

“The reality is, President Trump is already 82-3 with his endorsements, and there’s nothing stopping him from saving America in 2022 and beyond,” he added.

Pence plans to campaign for Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp ahead of Tuesday’s primary election. Kemp has been another target of ire from Trump and his allies after he refused to endorse voter fraud claims in his state.

Sky Palma

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