Miss Universe is the least of Steve Harvey’s f*ck ups

In regards to the Miss Universe debacle, what Steve Harvey did was simple stupid mistake, but there’s plenty more reason to dislike the guy.

Harvey has made a career out of unprofessional and stupid. The fact that his dating advice book Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man is so successful is beyond frustrating, because it keeps the premise of heterosexual dating firmly on men’s terms.

Sure, there are two people to every relationship, but what does a man think of the whole thing? Well, Steve Harvey is here to save the day and tell you what men think about women. It’s definitely not anecdotal, and is 100% statistically proven that all men are the same, and all women should act accordingly. Men approach dating like fishing — you’re either there for sport or for a meal (which I think means marriage?). Great analogy, Steve! Everyone wins.

Harvey’s insistence on traditional gender roles is not just infuriating for women (Almost all of his quotes assume the woman is terrified of being alone or, once wed, will be staying at home to raise the children; at no point does he entertain the idea that women might enjoy some “sport fishing” as well), but is also destructive for men as well. Harvey’s definition of “real men” is as narrow and as it is ridiculous. If a man wants to be a stay-at-home dad while his wife “provides for the family” then that’s great! This idea that all men are sex-crazed idiots until they step up and “take care of business” is idiotic and eye-roll-worthy, but Harvey’s made an entire career out of it.

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Steve Harvey’s now-deleted apology was rife with spelling errors.

Another issue with Harvey’s view on traditional gender roles crops up when discussing sexual orientation. Harvey believes a man is only a real man when sexually attracted to women. God that’s dumb. If you’re worried about what people do behind closed doors with the person they love, that says a lot more about your own personal perversions than it does about anything else.


Harvey’s weird obsession with gender roles and heteronormativity stems from the most obvious place possible — his Christian beliefs. He believes that the biggest reason a woman should walk away from a man is when he expresses he’s an atheist.

You need to get into some personal stuff: What’s his relationship with his mom? How does he feel about children? Does he have a relationship with God?

You sitting up there talking to a dude and he tells you he’s an atheist, you need to pack it up and go home. You talking to a person who don’t believe in God… what’s his moral barometer? Where’s it at? It’s nowhere. You gotta get into this stuff.

Because there’s no such thing as morality without an omnipresent man in the sky watching your every move.

As Patheos points out, Harvey also slammed atheists as “idiots” during an interview with Joy Behar. According to Harvey, atheists believe “we were evolved from monkeys,” so “why we still got monkeys?”

Do “real” men wear ugly suits? Why does anyone follow this man’s advice? How did he end up hosting Miss Universe? How many talented and successful authors and comedians labor away in obscurity while Harvey enjoys fame and fortune based on hackneyed, regurgitated ideas of gender roles and relationships that haven’t progressed since the 1950s?

At least one of them could have read the name of the Miss Universe winner properly.

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