Mitt Romney: Republicans ‘burst into laughter’ as soon as Trump left the room

In his upcoming tell-all book, Utah GOP senator and former presidential nominee Mitt Romney dishes on how Republicans treated former President Donald Trump when he wasn’t looking.

According an excerpt of the book published in The Atlantic, Romney claims that Republicans laughed at Trump behind his back.

From Insider:

According to the excerpt, Trump made a special appearance at a weekly Senate Repbulicans’ caucus lunch in March 2019. He was particularly “buoyant” because his Justice Department had just concluded that Robert Mueller’s special investigation didn’t prove Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with Russia.

The Republicans applauded Trump — awarding the former President a “standing ovation” — as he entered. He responded with “rambling remarks” about the long-awaited investigation, the excerpt said.

The excerpt noted that the senators in attendance listened to what the former President had to say, but as soon as Trump left the luncheon, Romney said, the group of GOP senators “burst into laughter” behind his back.

Read more at The Atlantic.

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