Mohammed Ali’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the only one that hangs on a wall

Back in 2002, Muhammad Ali was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But always the outlier, Ali didn’t want his star on the sidewalk and it was hung from a wall instead.

According to the former World Champion, he didn’t want his name to be trodden upon “by people who have no respect for me.”

“I bear the name of our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), and it is impossible that I allow people to trample over his name,” he said.

When deliberating if Ali’s star would be granted, the Walk of Fame committee decided that boxing is a form of “live performance” and therefore is a great contribution to the entertainment industry.

Ali passed away at 74 yesterday after battling Parkinson’s Disease for over 30 years.

Featured image: Adam Saleh

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