Mom whose daughter has cancer confronts GOP senator over ‘immoral’ Trumpcare

While many GOP politicians received flack for refusing to meet with their constituents over the Trumpcare fiasco, Senator Shelly Caputo (R-WV) deserves credit for willing to meet with hers. That decision led to a powerful exchange with a woman whose daughter’s life was saved by Obamacare.

The woman, Reverend Janice Hill, approached Caputo and showed her a picture of her daughter, who has been living with cancer for four years, and implored her to keep her daughter’s image in her mind when it comes time to vote on the GOP’s healthcare bill next week.

“She’s 41 years old,” Hill told Caputo. “She’s been fighting this cancer for four years, very diligently. She’s maintained her job, has gotten promotions, has led teams. As sick as she has been, she would not be alive today if it wasn’t for the ACA.”

Driving home how essential Obamacare is for her daughter’s treatement, Hill mentioned how the medical bills went over $1.2 million in just seven months, adding, “we’re not sure how long she’s gonna be able to work. Maybe forever, that’s what our goal is.”

“But these are real people,” Hill continued. “My daughter — and so I just want you to have that in your brain when you look at this … West Virginia needs you so desperately to stand up against this immoral bill.”

It will be interesting to see how Caputo casts her vote next week.

Watch the exchange below, via The Washington Post:

Featured image via screen grab

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