Moms for Liberty members cough loudly to disrupt moment of silence for Holocaust victims

In a moment during a board meeting at a library in Indiana yesterday that was captured on video, a man speaking at the podium referenced members the local Moms for Liberty chapter who were in the room and reminded everyone that they were recently forced to apologize for quoting Hitler in one of their newsletters.

In an attempt to protest the group for using the quote, the man proposed a moment of silence to remember the victims of the Holocaust. As the moment of silence was initiated, members of the group who were in the audience apparently began coughing as way to disrupt the moment of silence.

“Oh, that’s so pathetic,” one woman could be heard responding to the coughs.

The man then said he was going to take his time back because he was interrupted.


Blatant and obvious anti-semitism and let me just be the one to say NOT IN MY COMMUNITY. Are you paying attention yet? #fyp #hepl

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The Hamilton County chapter of Moms for Liberty, which calls itself a “parental rights” group, published a newsletter which included the quote, “He alone, who OWNS the youth, GAINS the future,” which has been attributed to Adolph Hitler. On Thursday the group posted a revised version of the launched newsletter with a statement from chapter chair Paige Miller on the cover.

“We condemn Adolf Hitler’s actions and his dark place in human history,” the statement read. “We should not have quoted him in our newsletter and express our deepest apology.”

The group went on to say that using the quote from “a horrific leader” was designed to “put parents on alert.”

“If the government has control over our children today, they control our country’s future. We The People must be vigilant and protect children from an overreaching government,” the statement read.

Moms for Liberty has come under increasing national scrutiny from left-wing critics who accuse the group of bigotry in its efforts to restrict content dealing with sex and gender in public schools. The watchdog group Southern Poverty Law Center (which has been the subject of scrutiny over the fairness of their ratings and has had its own share of scandals), has labeled the group as “extremist.”

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