UPDATED: Mother in need of medical care dies while caught in Trump’s travel ban

UPDATE, 2/1/17, 1:32pm: According to FOX 2, the leader of a mosque in Dearborn has confirmed that Mike Hager lied about when his mother’s death occurred.

From FOX 2:

Imam Husham Al-Hussainy, leader of the Karbalaa Islamic Educational Center in Dearborn, says Mike Hager’s mom did not pass away this weekend after being barred from traveling to the United States. The Imam confirms that Hager’s mother died before the ban was put in place.

According to Al-Hussainy, Hager’s mother had kidney disease and was receiving treatment in Michigan – where she lived – before traveling to Iraq to visit family. The Imam said she passed away on January 22, 2017, five days before President Trump instituted the travel ban.

Read FOX 2’s full update to this story here.

Original story below:

According to a report from a local Fox affiliate, A Detroit business owner was going to bring his mother back from Iraq for medical treatment, but President Trump‘s executive order banning immigrants from Muslim majority countries forced him to leave his family behind, resulting in his mother dying a day after he left.

Fox2Detroit reports that Mike Hager fled Iraq with his family during the Gulf War, but returned after the U.S. invasion in 2003 and worked with the U.S. military.

He now owns a business in Metro Detroit and said his mom would still be alive today if President Donald Trump had not instituted his travel ban on Muslim countries.

Hager said he was returning home with his family that included his sick mom. They were returning home to the United States where his mother has lived since 1995. As they were waiting in line at the airport in Iraq on Friday, he was told that he could pass through because he was a U.S. citizen. But his family members – including his mom – weren’t allowed, despite holding green cards.

“They destroyed us. I went with my family, I came back by myself. They destroyed our family,” Hager said according to FOX 2.

Mike Hager and his mother Naimma (screen grab Fox2News).

“The immigration told us that the President of the United States put an order right now – you guys cannot go,” he continued.

The family was traveling with Hager’s  75-year-old mother, Naimma, back home to Michigan. While in Iraq, she fell ill, a problem easily taken care of since they all had green cards and had been U.S. residents for 20 years.

“I was just shocked. I had to put my mom back on the wheelchair and take her back and call the ambulance and she was very very upset. She knew right there if we send her back to the hospital she’s going to pass away — she’s not going to make it,” Hager said.

Watch Fox 2’s report on the story in the video below:

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