Mother refuses to give her child insulin because ‘she might become dependent on it’

Some people really should be barred from having children. Such is this excuse for a mother whose 13-year-old daughter is suffering from diabetes. The girl is at serious risk of death, yet her mother would not allow doctors to treat her with insulin injections. The unnamed Irish youth was in the care of doctors at a Co Dublin hospital when the courts became involved. Luckily, the Irish High Court stepped in and has ordered that she be treated with insulin.

The mother’s reasons for this are even more puzzling. She has family members who suffer from diabetes, so she knows the risks, especially Type 1, which is the most severe form of the disease. A pediatrician said that the girl’s blood sugar was extremely high, but the mother still did not want her treated. She even said, appallingly:

“I would rather want that my daughter dies at home than to give her insulin.”

According to reports, the mother fears that her daughter will become dependent on the insulin injections for life, and believed that if she ignored her daughter’s ailments, the diabetes would just “go away.”

Fortunately, the courts have ordered treatment — for the time being, at least — as doctors have assured both mother and judges alike that the girl will face a life threatening predicament should her foolish mother continue to refuse treatment. A guardian has been assigned to take care of the girl, and it was ordered that her insulin shots resume.

Again, this woman does not deserve her child. She is unfit to care for any living being. Hopefully, she is put into a mental facility where she belongs, or, at the very least, the state takes this child as well as any other children who may be in her care, for their own safety.

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