Motorcyclist who smashed woman’s car window while her two children were inside is arrested and charged

A motorcyclist in Philadelphia has been arrested on aggravated assault and vandalism charges after he was captured on video jumping on and smashing the rear window of a woman’s car while two children were inside, Fox News reported.

According to reports, the suspect has been identified as 26-year-old Cody Heron.

Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore announced the arrest on social media.

“Great tips from public and some outstanding detective work,” Vanore wrote.

From Fox News:

The incident took place at about 9 p.m. Sunday in the 1400 block of South Penn Square in the Center City neighborhood when a group of ATV and dirt bike riders converged on the area around City Hall, according to Philadelphia police.

During a stop at a red light, the driver of an ATV and the driver of a red sedan appeared to become involved in a verbal altercation.

Video shows the suspect, who was stopped directly behind the ATV, hop off his motorcycle and jump onto the back of the woman’s car and kick in the back windshield.

When the victim confronted him, the suspect picked up a black handgun that fell from his waist and pointed it at the woman, police said.

As the suspect was walking back to his motorcycle, he was seen headbutting and shoving the victim. 

Speaking to Fox 29 Philadelphia, the victim, Nikki Bullock, said he was out delivering food for Uber Eats with her friend and two children in the car when her vehicle was hit by the suspect, who started to argue with her along with an ATV rider.

“We were arguing back and forth because he hit the car, so after that his friend in front of me, he was arguing with me and while I’m arguing with his friend, he jumped off the bike, jumped on the back of the car and kicked the windshield in,” Bullock said.

Sky Palma

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