MSNBC’s Touré Says Ted Nugent’s Presence at SOTU is a ‘Human Middle Finger’ to Obama (VIDEO)

This Tuesday, Touré, co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle, railed against a Republican congressman’s choice to invite rocker and controversial critic of President Barack Obama, Ted Nugent, to the State of the Union address.

According to Touré, Nugent’s presence in the Capitol Building on Tuesday night is a deliberate confrontational message to Obama.

At the beginning of the segement, Touré praised the decision of some Democratic members of Congress to have undocumented immigrants as guests to President’s speech, saying that their presence will help put a “human face” on the immigration reform debate.

He then turned the conversation to Nugent, whose presence is a coordinated effort to insult the President, according to Touré.

“The Ted Nugent thing I find to be way over the line,” Touré said. “A sort of human middle finger to Obama. A sort of attempt to say, you know, just screw you.”

“It’s just like the stupid party behavior that [Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal] was talking about,” Touré concluded. “Really, sort of inappropriate for tonight.”

Watch Touré’s comments in the video below.

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