Narcotics cop who regularly threw pot growers in jail busted with $2 million of marijuana

A California police officer was arrested in York, PA, for driving 247 pounds of marijuana cross-country. Yuba County Deputy Christopher Heath was hauling over $2 Million worth of marijuana.

Heath, a member of a narcotics task force who arrested and jailed marijuana growers in his area, was on vacation from his job in Yuba County, just above Sacramento. As an officer, Heath helped arrest people on charges that could result in years of jail time while taking part in an operation that was likely larger than most of his busts.

Yuba County Under sheriff Jerry Reed described Heath as “an adequate officer.” Reed also described the narcotics task force that Heath was a member of, saying that the force often took down “grow-ops” and high-poundage dealers in the Yuba County area, which has an ideal climate for growing weed.

Heath was caught in York county, near the end of his cross-country trip. He was busted with two other men, Tyler N. Long, and Ryan J. Falsone.  The group had just delivered the marijuana to a nearby home when York County police and detectives made the arrest.

The group drove the shipment cross country in two pick-up trucks, with the marijuana stored in vacuum sealed bags. Heath was armed with his duty weapon, which was seized by York officers along with the two trucks.

The York County Police department has not released many details about the arrest, but they did not know that Heath was an officer until after he was in custody.

“One has to be both saddened and angry that a law-enforcement officer was allegedly involved,” said York County District Attorney Tom Kearney. “This was a very sophisticated operation, and obviously a large one.”

Watch a local news report on the story in the video below:

Featured image via York County Prison

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