National Park tweets climate change facts amid Trump’s social media ban for government agencies

The Twitter account for the Badlands National Park fired off three tweets in defiance of the Trump administration’s crackdown on climate-related social media posts from government agencies.

As The Hill points out, the tweets simply relay established science, but are noteworthy for their timing since President Donald Trump banned climate announcements from agencies within the federal government. Trump has repeatedly rejected proven climate science, even saying that climate change was a “hoax” invented by the Chinese.

From The Hill:

Trump’s team has banned the Environmental Protection Agency from sending social media updates or communicating with reporters, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.

Similarly, the Department of Agriculture has said its employees are no longer allowed to tweet or distribute scientific research, agency officials told Buzzfeed.

Last week, the whole Interior Department was briefly banned from social media after its Twitter account noted a decline in crowd size at Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

The social media ban is part of new restrictions for the EPA under the Trump administration. According to The Huffington Post this Monday, EPA grants had been frozen and agency employees are not allowed to comment on the matter.

Update, 1/24/17, 3:02 pm PST: The tweets have since been deleted. We’ve updated this article with screenshots of the now-deleted tweets.

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