NC Republican legislative candidate: ‘What’s wrong with being a white supremacist?’

According to a post from North Carolina legislative candidate Russell Walker on his website, God is a “racist white supremacist” and Jews are descendants of Satan.

The website,, cites its ownership as belonging to Walker and the Charlotte Observer has confirmed that its multiple articles are authored by him. The Observer also reports that Walker has even acknowledged his ownership of the site.

One article asks the question, “What’s wrong with being a white supremacist?”

“GOD IS A RACIST and a WHITE SUPREMACIST,” the articles continues.

The latest and the most demonized expression in the English language, surpassing hate and racist is — “White Supremacy”. Well someone or group has to be supreme and that group is the whites of the world. As explained in detail in another section of this website, there is no such thing as equality. Someone or something has to be superior and someone or something has to be inferior. That is just such a simple fact that it needs no explanation. Just look at science and inventions, world and space exploration, morbidity and mortality, wealth creation, music and literature and medicine. In all history in sub-Saharan Africa, no two-story building or a waterproof boat was ever made.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has also confirmed that the website belongs to Walker.

After his website was discovered, the North Carolina Republican Party withdrew its support for for him, saying in a statement that it is “unable and unwilling to support the Republican nominated candidate for North Carolina House District 48.”

“The NCGOP along with our local parties in Hoke, Scotland and Robeson Counties will be spending our time and resources supporting Republican candidates that better reflect the values of our party,” the statement read.

In another post allegedly from Walker, he claims that Jews are “Satanic as they all descend from Satan.”

According to The Hill, Walker has been seen outside his office carrying signs that said “What is wrong with being a racist?” and “God is racist.”

Walker won the GOP primary against John Imaratto with nearly 65 percent of the vote. He will now face incumbent state Rep. Garland Pierce (D) in November.

The Hill reports that North Carolina’s House Republican Caucus chairman, Rep. John Szoka announced that they will not support Walker’s campaign.

“The North Carolina Republican House Caucus and our members will not support Mr. Walker’s campaign given his comments and actions,” Szoka said.

“While Mr. Walker won the Republican primary, his rhetoric and actions have no place in the Republican Party, and he should strongly consider withdrawing his candidacy.”

Last year, Walker attempted to bring a lawsuit against York County, South Carolina for removing Confederate memorabilia from the main courtroom. While speaking to the press, Walker let a racial slur slip while speaking about Martin Luther King Jr., calling the civil right icon “Martin Luther coon.”

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