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Neil Cavuto calls out his pro-Trump Fox News colleague: ‘Do you ever fault Trump for anything?’

During a segment on Fox News this Wednesday, anchor Neil Cavuto took his colleague Gregg Jarrett to task over his recent book that claims President Trump is the victim of a “witch hunt” orchestrated by the Deep State and the Democrats.

After listening to Jarrett blame Trump’s political woes on a liberally biased media, Cavuto asked him if there’s anything that Jarrett is willing to hold Trump accountable for.

“…do you say that the president does not sometimes confuse people?” Cavuto asked. “He says something and then says something else?”

Jarrett’s answer was deflective, but Cavuto pressed further, asking if Jarrett can “fault the president” for anything. The only example Jarrett could come up with was Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General.

“With the Ukraine situation, when you look at that—now you are the lawyer, I don’t know what is considered a high crime or misdemeanor, might not fit the case here—is it proper for a sitting president of the United States to talk to a foreign leader about involving himself in a campaign?” Cavuto asked.

After getting nowhere, Cavuto asked if he at least thinks it looks bad that Trump allegedly pressed Ukraine to investigate a political rival, namely joe Biden.

“It looks bad to Democrats,” Jarrett said. “It does not look bad to me.”

Watch the full exchange at the Daily Beast.

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