Media outlets should boycott Kellyanne Conway’s alternative facts

Kellyanne Conway misspoke. Haters.

The English language is hard. But making up a massacre by Muslim terrorists is not simply misspeaking. And making a “mistake” of this magnitude as often as Conway does this early into her tenure in the White House, suggests she’s either a habitual liar or someone who is grossly incompetent.

Here are a few examples of Conway getting embarrassingly defensive whenever she makes an “honest mistake.”

Alternative facts”:

Honestly, the debate around Trump’s inauguration numbers versus Obama’s numbers is boring. Then the WH had to lie about it.

In response to being called out, Conway went on for several minutes on how the media lied about the MLK bust being taken down, not once considering that perhaps that reporter who tweeted about the missing bust just “misspoke.” The media is out to get the White House, which is an innocent party that “misspeaks” from time to time.

In this same interview, Conway called herself classy, which is very on-message for the Trump administration. Example of classy behavior: bragging about winning the election 3 months after the fact to Chelsea Clinton. Classy AF.

I spoke for 35 minutes on three network Sunday shows…”:

Yes. When you say a phrase like “alternative facts” out loud, it tends to happen. In fact, the media went easy on her. They could have pointed out that she said the White House might need to “rethink” its relationship to the press. That’s a violation of the first amendment, but, you know, she also said other things too. Hitler was a painter, but all you ever hear about is how he killed a bunch of people. (Don’t specify Jews – All Lives Matter, okay?)

Sorry to offend the black-stretch-pants women of America with a little color.”:

Lol. Girl. You didn’t offend anyone. You looked like my American Girl doll Molly before her big dance recital. I am 27 and I am two decades too old for that Paddington Bear mess. You are 50.

I know this sentiment is anti-feminist of me. I am very petty myself. Like recognizes like.

Nobody has been fired for being wrong about Trump winning the election.”:

In Conway’s defense, this has been misinterpreted by several media outlets. Conway is not saying people should be fired for criticizing our president (although the transcript lends itself to that conclusion, I’m trying to be fair and meet her more than halfway on this one – her job is to communicate, and she’s not doing a great job, but there are plenty of other instances to worry about before this one). She is saying that everyone was dead wrong about Trump losing the election, and not one person has been fired. I almost see her point, but who is the one person you fire when everyone assumed the popular vote would reflect the electoral college?

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You know when I might fire someone? When they accidentally make up a massacre on-air.

Why are we still inviting her to speak on air? Stop lending her relevance. Her rhetoric is insulting to the American public’s intelligence.

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