New CDC data shows that God is definitely not ‘pro-life’

With snappy catchphrases such as “life begins at conception,” the pro-life crowd has been loudly pushing the humanization of fertilized eggs for decades. Their black and white thinking and penchant for high drama have turned the natural and common process of species propagation into an epic miracle sparked by the holy divine that must be protected at all costs, even at the expense of the life of the woman whose womb it just happens to be occurring in.

Their rhetoric and beliefs don’t take into account that roughly fifty percent of these ‘people’ are naturally terminated before pregnancy even begins. If life begins at conception, and any interference with that is some kind of vaguely genocide-y holocaust-y buzzword-y disaster thing, and God designed the human reproductive system to destroy half of these sacred little eggs/people, how sacred can each individual egg/person really be? God is apparently at the forefront of the imagined fetal holocaust.

On top of this, the number of naturally occurring miscarriages is as high as the number of induced abortions. New data from the CDC reveals that in 2010, 17.9% of births ended in induced abortions and 17.1% of births ended in fetal losses. These numbers do not even account for the 50% of all pregnancies that end naturally before a woman can even realize that she’s pregnant.

There is a huge disconnect in pro-life ideas between the idea of a loving God who joyfully creates each individual tiny life to be cherished, and the reality in which fertilized eggs are discarded naturally almost more often than they are seen to term. If you believe that a fertilized egg is unquestionably a complete human being, and terminating it is murder, than it can only follow through logically that you recognize God as being responsible for more fetal murders than any godless liberal could ever personally be.

The reality is that the reproductive process is brutal, and a basic understanding of it really belies the “every sperm is scared” mentality. Pro-life arguments based on the divine and compassionate magic of human reproduction, shockingly, hold no weight whatsoever.

[Patheos] Featured image via UCSB

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