New documentary exposes the social stigmas and physical dangers of being an atheist

A new documentary hopes to explore the social and societal stigma of being an atheist in a very religious world.

Godless – The Truth Beyond Belief, by director Miceal Langer, investigates “the reality of atheists in America and around the world,” highlighting the misconceptions and prejudice surrounding those who chose not to believe.

The film is also posted an Indiegogo campaign and hopes to raise money to conduct more interviews, do post-production, and market/distribution.

From Indiegogo:

“Ancient scriptures, ignorance and even association with communism have put atheists in the dark corner of public opinion. They are the most rejected in the political game, the least wanted “in-laws” and even have their “trustworthiness” compared to that of RAPISTS.

Interestly, however, when you look at the data, the numbers show a very different reality. For example, the Federal Bureau of Prisons released a document stating that only 0.07% of all federal inmates are atheists. This is not proof that atheists are “better people”, but at least shows that they do not deserve their bad reputation.”

Watch a preview below:

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