New Video Emerges of CPAC Row in Which Attendee Defended Slavery (VIDEO)

Of the many controversial stories coming out of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the “Trump the Race Card” seminar was probably the most disturbing and inflammatory. During an improvised Q&A portion of the event, Scott Terry rose before the audience and launched into an unabashed defense of slavery. Not long after a video of the exchange went viral on the internet, documentary filmmaker Katy Jordan posted a longer clip of the event with much better audio, shot much closer to Terry and Kim Brown, the radio host who says she was hushed by the crowd when she tried to pose a question to the moderator.

Jordon’s clip, which was shot for a future documentary called Black Tea, is about forty more seconds than the original version that made a sensation online and on cable news. In the extended clip, an organizer steps in to say “I love the passion, especially on this topic,” but asks the crowd to be “respectful” of those who came to hear the presentation, to which Terry shouts “Respect my demographic!”

Also, Kim Brown tells Terry that “slavery was not a benefit to black people,” to which Terry replies, “That’s your opinion.”

“That’s not opinion, that’s a fact,” Brown shot back.

Then, an attendee behind Kim Brown can be heard saying something about “what happened to white factory workers,” to which she responds with an incredulous “What are you talking about?”

Watch the new footage in the video below.

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