New Video Emerges of Disgraced Former Heritage Member Jason Richwine (VIDEO)

A new video of disgraced former Heritage Foundation member Jason Richwine has emerged this week. The video shows Richwine speaking at an event hosted by The American Enterprise Institute in 2008, where he suggested that Jews have the highest IQs, while Hispanics and African Americans possess the lowest.

“There are real differences among groups, not just trivial ones that we happen to notice more than we should,” Richwine says towards the beginning of the video. “Races differ in all sorts of ways, and probably the most important way is in IQ.”

Attacking the idea that Irish and Italians who were once considered “non-white” is proof that immigrants with vast cultural differences can successfully assimilate and be successful, Richwine claimed that other ethnic groups would have had a much more difficult time.

“Imagine if we replaced all of them with say, Australian Aborigines, Pakistanis and Cambodians — imagine if they were the immigrants in the early part of the Twentieth Century. Can we really say with any kind of rational argument that they today would be considered absolutely indistinguishable from the white majority?”

Richwine was forced to resign as a senior policy analyst at the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation. He was the co-author of a widely criticized Heritage report on the economic costs of immigration reform. He made similar comments in a 2009 PhD dissertation, which first brought his questionable views to light.

Watch Richwine in the newly emerged video below.

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