January 6

Newly revealed text messages show Marjorie Taylor Greene begged Trump to calm down Jan. 6 rioters

Newly revealed text messages show that on Jan. 6 2021 as a mob of Trump supporters began to breach the U.S. Capitol building, Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene pleaded with then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to convince former President Donald Trump “calm” the rioters, CNN reports.

“Mark I was just told there is an active shooter on the first floor of the Capitol Please tell the President to calm people,” Greene wrote. “This isn’t the way to solve anything.”

Greene texted Meadows again later that day and blamed the riot on antifa.

“Mark we don’t think these attackers are our people,” she wrote. “We think they are Antifa. Dressed like Trump supporters.”

That text reflected Greene’s Friday testimony at a Georgia court hearing to determine her eligibility to run for reelection, saying under oath that she believed on Jan. 6 that “Antifa was breaking in.”

“I only knew what I was told. I had heard a gunshot,” Greene testified. “We all heard it. We were so confused. We thought Antifa was breaking in or BLM, because those were the riots that had gone on and on all throughout 2020, day in and day out.”

Greene testified on Friday that she couldn’t remember whether or not she suggested Trump declare martial law in the wake of the riot. But the text messages show she did just that.

“In our private chat with only Members, several are saying the only way to save our Republic is for Trump to call for Marshall law. I don’t know on those things,” Greene wrote on Jan. 17. “I just wanted you to tell him. They stole this election. We all know. They will destroy our country next. Please tell him to declassify as much as possible so we can go after Biden and anyone else!”

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