News crew robbed at gunpoint while reporting on another armed robbery

Police say a news crew in Chicago was robbed at gunpoint while they were reporting on another armed robbery, ABC Chicago reported.

Univision confirmed that the victims, a reporter and a photographer, were employees of the outlet. It’s not known if they suffered any serious injuries.

From ABC Chicago:

Police said three men wearing ski masks and armed with guns got out of a black SUV and a grey sedan and robbed the crew before fleeing the scene.

This comes as police investigate eight other similar crimes, though detectives have not linked any of the incidents. In each case, police said a group of two to four people ambushed the victims and in some cases, the victims were beaten then robbed.

Speaking to ABC Chicago, a city alderman said violence in the city is getting more brazen.

“I was out watching the police, working with them, and they were doing a great job trying to track a couple of crews down but again, they got up to high speeds and they called it off,” he said. “They don’t want to endanger other people. I know people want us to … just chase every criminal, but when it gets to a situation where it’s a liability of not only on the city … the issue of hurting other pedestrians or drivers, you have to be very careful.”

Sky Palma

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