Newsflash, foodies: Organic crops use carcinogenic pesticides

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The organic food industry spends billions of dollars through different organizations, subtly using fear and panic as tactics to sell their products. However, it turns out their actual practices may be a foodie’s worst nightmare.

While the organic food industry sinks a lot of money into spreading fear, uncertainty, and distrust toward Monsanto and GMOs, they themselves are utilizing large quantities of proven carcinogenic (cancer-causing) pesticides to grow their alleged superior products. The organic food industry, which is worth roughly four times as much as Monsanto ($65 billion), owes its brand to this facade.

From The Farm Babe:

Below is a list of Organic substances which are far more toxic than anything you’ll see on a GMO (which is why about 90% of certain crop farmers grow GMOs; they are far better for the environment). The full list of permitted organic substances can be found on the EPA’s website.


Image: EPA

Originally, no one thought to check the potential harmful effects of natural chemicals, like organic pesticides. Even after studies were done showing roughly half of the commonly used organic pesticides to be carcinogenic, the organic industry still continues to use them.

This is not due to overarching corporate evil, but because these chemicals are only harmful to humans if ingested directly at high doses. Farmers spray minimal amounts on crops, only if necessary. In order for the minimal amount of chemicals sprayed on a crop to negatively effect your health, you would need to consume tons of it a day. This also applies to GMO crops.

Our food is safe, and if you read an article revolving around instilling fear, it is important to consider the source. What is their angle? Where is this information coming from? All of these are important questions to consider when encountering arguments for and against GMOs.




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