Newsmax host: People are too mean to George Santos — they should show him some ‘Christian love’

Commenting the news story surrounding Utah GOP Sen. Mitt Romney‘s harsh words to GOP Rep. George Santos, Newsmax host Greg Kelly wondered why Romney is only saving his anger for Santos and not other lawmakers who deserve it.

“Why wouldn’t he speak with that kind of passion about Joe Biden and all his lies about his educational background?” Kelly asked, likely referring to stories about Biden’s penchant for exaggerating certain details.

“Everybody is saying this about George Santos, everybody is saying it, and the guy is hounded everywhere he goes,” Kelly said. “What Mit Romney did there was not new, was not unique, was not special. … I think Mitt Romney could have said something like, ‘Young man, maybe we should have a cup of coffee. I’m seeing you in the news a lot. I’d like to have a word with you. Let’s talk, I might have some advice.’ … Wouldn’t that have been the right thing to do?”

Kelly went on to say that someone should show Santos “a little bit of Christian love.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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