Newsmax host: ‘Transgenderism is more a threat than white supremacy’

During a segment with conservative transgender activist Christine Rebstock, Newsmax host Greg Kelly posited that when “applied recklessly,” transgenderism is more dangerous than white supremacy in America.

Rebstock said that when transgender ideology is brought “into the school via social-emotional learning,” children end up becoming confused about their own gender.

“They’re going to be confused, they’re going to be gender confused. They’re going to think that being trans is cool or a fad. It’s not. Living with gender dysphoria is absolutely brutal,” Rebstock said.

“I’m one of the 40 percent of the trans community that attempted suicide, but yet we’re gonna lead kids down the path that this is great. The problem is some states, like Connecticut — we have statutes that allow mental health professionals to treat kids without parental knowledge and consent. And this is how these kids are getting on life altering medication,” she continued, adding that “puberty blockers are not reversible, let alone HRT.”

Kelly then claimed that it one looks at the “data” and “recent history,” it would seem that “transgender is, potentially, more of a threat if applied recklessly than, say, white supremacy.”

Watch the video below, via Media Matters:

Sky Palma

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