Newsmax host warns that Mike Pence would be ‘incredibly disloyal to Trump’ if he runs for president


During a segment on his show this Wednesday, Newsmax host Greg Kelly said that if former Vice President Mike Pence decides to run for president in 2024, it would be a “terrible idea.”

“Number one, he’s not nimble enough, he’s not decisive enough, he’s too wooden, he’s not imaginative,” Kelly said, referring to Pence. “I just don’t see it happening, and I think it would be incredibly disloyal to Donald Trump. And some of us do feel misled by Mike Pence.”

“Now, under the Electoral Count Act of 1887, a lot of us thought that he had far more discretion — not to overturn the election, and that’s what he says. He puts it, I think falsely,” he continued.

“We weren’t actually looking for what he says we were looking for.”

Watch the video below:

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