Nick Fuentes: ‘A lot of women want to be raped — but they have to pretend like they don’t’

In another one of his odd personal therapy sessions, white nationalist, misogynist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes gave his thoughts on why “women don’t support me.”

“Women are irrational and sensitive,” Fuentes said. “It’s just like my whole life … because I was always like the class clown, I was always like bullying women, and women have always been simultaneously charmed but also like, ‘Oh stop it! Oh you’re so annoying!’ You know what I mean? That kinda thing.”

Fuentes went on to say that women have always dismissed him as a “rascal” and never took him seriously “because I’m kinda like a rule-breaker and stuff.”

“So women simultaneously are intrigued by that but they also have to pretend like they’re not, because … it’s sort of like how women — a lot of women want to be raped … there’s a lot of women that really want a guy to beat the sh** out of them, but part of it is they have to pretend like they don’t.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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