Nikki Haley raises $2.6 million after Trump threatens to blacklist anyone who donated to her campaign

Enraged by her refusal to drop out of the 2024 race after losing the New Hampshire primary to him, Donald Trump took to Truth Social and threatened to blacklist anyone who donated to Nikki Haley‘s campaign, Mediaite reported.

Trump warned on Wednesday that anyone who donates Haley “from this moment forth” will be “barred from the MAGA camp” for life.

After Trump’s threat, Haley sent out an email revealing that she made a significant fundraising haul.

The Nikki Haley for President campaign announced a $2.6 million fundraising haul since New Hampshire polls closed on Tuesday, January 23. That includes $1.2 million raised from small-dollar and digital donations after Trump’s unhinged pledge to “permanently bar” any individual who contributed to Haley’s campaign.

“Donald Trump’s threats highlight the stark choice in this election: personal vendettas or real conservative leadership,” said Haley spokesperson Ann Marie Graham-Barnes. “Trump’s scheme blew up in his face. The contributions to the Haley campaign are pouring in — proof that people are sick of the drama and are rallying behind Nikki’s vision for a strong and proud America.

Despite the fact that Haley came in a distant second in New Hampshire, her campaign defied the Republican National Committee and stayed in the race. Addressing her loss, Haley called Trump a loser and even called into question his cognitive capabilities.

Sky Palma

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