No matter how many times you replay this video, it’ll guess the card you’re thinking of

This video apparently went viral about two years ago, so the fact that I’m only now becoming aware of it is a little annoying.

It’s a great example of how some people can get really spooked out when they don’t quite understand how a card deck can be manipulated. I’ve spent many years in poker rooms, so when I first watched this, I immediately knew the concept behind the trick.

Making someone think you can actually know their thoughts through the mastery of illusion is an incredibly powerful tool in the magician’s handy bag. But doing it through the medium of video on the Internet is even more powerful.

Another great aspect of this trick is that it works over and over again, no matter how many times the poor soul replays the video and chooses a different card.

The video was originally posted by Ian Velicaria, whose mastery of the English language is not quite as good as his mastery of card tricks, so please excuse his spelling.


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