No one shows up for ‘back-to-school prayer rally’ meant to protect students from school shootings

LONGVIEW, TEXAS — Local ministers Rev. Jeffrey E. Borgwardt of First Lutheran Church and Rev. Ray Coates of Highridge Church sponsored a prayer rally slated to take place during the week students return to school. But when the day came, no one showed up.

According to the Longview News-Journal, the reverends took turns saying prayers outside Longview Christian School this Sunday. The only people in attendance were the two ministers and some local media.

Coates said he had no idea why the rally was a bust. In the past, the rallies have drawn upwards of 50 people.

From the Longview News-Journal:

The ministers prayed for God’s protection, with Coates mentioning active shooters who have terrorized schools, one as recently as May 18 at Santa Fe High School in Texas where 10 people were killed.

Borgwardt followed, asking God to protect children from bullies, and he prayed for teachers.

“I pray that you would bless the instructors,” he said. “Give them the patience and understanding.”

While it’s not known why no one showed up, one has to wonder if it’s due to the morbid redundancy of continually offering prayer as a solution to school shootings to no avail, not to mention that “thoughts and prayers” is now a meme mocking the practice of utilizing prayer with no concrete action.

Writing for the Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta says that it shouldn’t be surprising that no one showed up.

“Of course, prayer isn’t going to stop violence.” Mehta writes. “It means even less from Christians in Texas who treat guns as if they’re the solution to all of our problems.”

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