NRA VP Wayne LaPierre is Taken Completely Off Guard in Heated Fox Interview (VIDEO)

In an amazing exchange between Fox News host Chris Wallace and NRA head Wayne LaPierre, Wallace tore into a controversial ad that the NRA ran which criticized Obama for providing armed security for his children, while trying to propose new gun legislation for average citizens.

When the ad was released, it soon fell under controversy for trying to suggest that President Obama was being hypocritical in his skepticism of placing armed guards in schools, while his children are provided the same exact security on a day-by-day basis. Wallace immediately confronted LaPierre on the logical inconsistency of this argument, pointing out that the President’s children “face a threat that most children do not face.”

Clearly stunned by Wallace’s forthright attack, LaPierre invoked the Newtown tragedy by responding, “Tell that to the people in Newtown.”

Wallace wasted no time following up.

“Do you really think that the President’s children are the same kind of target as every school child in America? That’s ridiculous and you know it sir.”

LaPierre: “You know, unfortunately I think there are parents all over this school — all over the country that think their kids are entitled to the same amount of protection when they go to school and they want their kids to be safe.”

Wallace: “So they should have Secret Service?”

LaPierre: “No, but what they should have is police officers or certified armed security in those schools to keep people safe.”

Wallace then argued that armed guards in schools will not protect children “in the shopping mall, in the movie theater, on the street” and criticized the NRA for attempting to introduce divisive class rhetoric into the gun debate. He went on to note that LaPierre himself relies on armed security guards and asked, “Does that make you an elite, and out-of-touch elite, because you have security?” “This idea of an elite class is just nonsense.”

Watch the heated exchange below.

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