OAN founder begs viewers to call their cable providers after DirecTV drops his network: ‘We don’t know what we’re going to do’

During a TV spot broadcast on his own network, One America News (OAN) founder Robert Herring Sr. called on his viewers to contact their cable providers and ask them to carry his network. Herring’s plea comes after DirecTV, which was its largest distributor, announced that it would not be renewing its contract with the right-wing network.

“I’m sure by now a lot of you have heard the news that AT&T and DirecTV have decided to take us off their service,” Herring said in a video clip flagged by Media Matters. “It was a major surprise to me when I read it in the news last Friday night, as I’m sure it was to you.”

He then mentioned his long-running relationship with AT&T, which is the majority owner of DirecTV, saying that he as “worked with AT&T in one capacity or another starting when I was 20 years old.”

“I started out as a chauffeur, driving their executives around town; and later in life, this little news network that I built with my family and a small group of the hardest working individuals I know found its way into the AT&T channel lineup,” Herring said, adding that in the past “we have worked with a man named John Stankey at AT&T, and we always appreciate the great working relationship we had with him. But just recently, the new head of the board of AT&T, by the name of William Kennard, let us know that he and the rest of the board simply do not want to carry us anymore.”

“Now we don’t know exactly what we are going to do yet. But don’t worry, we have a lot of options,” he continued. “We have always been and are still more than happy to talk to the cable providers throughout the country.”

“We would also like to ask you, our viewers, to please reach out to the cable provider in your area—whether it’s Spectrum, Dish, or any of the other great providers—and let them know that you would like for them to carry One America News. We only charge 10 cents per household per month. That is a great deal by any standard, given all of the amazing content our team puts out.”

Watch the video below:

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