Octopus literally leaps out the water to eat a crab, reminds us all that evolution is a brutal b*tch

Humankind has been exposed to octopuses just enough to overcome whatever inherent creep factor might be there. But a recent jaw-dropping video circulating the web is a reminder of the brutal harbingers of death these creatures actually are.

A woman named Porche Indrisie (who ironically works in a seafood restaurant) was getting video of the coast in Western Australia when she noticed a crab scurrying across the rocks. She had no idea of the fate that was about to be visited upon the poor little fellow.

I don’t know why I started filming it, but I always have a camera in front of my face. It was really just a random moment.

I was so surprised the octopus could leap out of the water like that.

Yeah, I am too.


Sky Palma

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