Ohio governor John Kasich trolls Trump with laughing Putin gif

Ohio Governor John Kasich is a vocal critic of President Trump, and this Monday he saw the perfect opportunity to land the perfect shot in response to a tweet directed at him fired off by Trump.

“The very unpopular Governor of Ohio (and failed presidential candidate) @JohnKasich hurt Troy Balderson’s recent win by tamping down enthusiasm for an otherwise great candidate,” Trump tweeted this Monday. “Even Kasich’s Lt. Governor lost Gov. race because of his unpopularity. Credit to Troy on the BIG WIN!”

Trump’s tweet was in reference to Kasich’s delayed support for Troy Balderson in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District race, which “created an awkward tension especially since Balderson was tying himself to Trump,” as CNN puts it.

Responding to Trump’s tweet, Kasich simply posted a gif of Putin laughing.

Kasich was hugely critical of Trump after his Helsinki Summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin — a summit which many believed confirmed Trump’s alleged fear and deference to the Russian leader.

“This is really terrible…we don’t like this talk. Nobody likes this talk,” Kasich told CNN’s Chris Cuomo in July.

“Where was his staff?” he asked. “Why didn’t somebody step up and say, ‘This is not the way to do things?'”

Kasich ran against Trump in 2016 and hasn’t ruled out a presidential bid in 2020.

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Sky Palma

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