OJ Simpson: ‘Alex Murdaugh is guilty but he’ll probably get away with it’

In a post to Twitter this Wednesday, acquitted murderer O.J. Simpson (although he’s guilty AF) gave his thoughts on what he thinks the outcome of Alex Murdaugh‘s double murder trial will be. According to Simpson, the trial will turn out just like his did.

“It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this guy beats this case,” Simpson, 75, said, referring to the case that accuses Murdaugh of murdering his wife and on in an attempt to create a distraction from his financial crimes.

“I realized watching him testify, what he was doing. He was just trying to relate to one or two of those jurors that he was a good ol’ boy, that he was one of them — and I’m not sure he didn’t succeed in doing that,” Simpson said.

Simpson, who was acquitted of the 1994 slaying of his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, is convinced that Murdaugh is guilty.

“From what I’ve seen, do I think it’s more likely that he did it? Yes. But ‘more likely’ equals reasonable doubt,” Simpson said.

“I watched him take the stand and I thought it was probably a mistake because the guy is an admitted liar. It’s hard for me to think he could be on the stand for five, six, seven, eight days without lying. But lying and stealing money is a little different than murder,” said Simpson, who was convicted of armed robbery in 2008.

“A whole lot of people are asking me what I think of this Alex Murdaugh trial,” he said. “I don’t know why they think I’m an expert on it.”

Who wants to tell him?

Sky Palma

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