Old woman drops cringy pro-Trump rap during church service: ‘No collusion, the ultimate conclusion!’

In a live video posted to his Facebook page this Friday, pro-Trump pastor and Christian “activist” Lance Wallnau attended an unknown prayer service at an unknown location, where an unknown woman grabbed the mic and belted out a “prophetic” rap “for our president.”

According to Wallnau, the ensemble on the stage was a “prophetic orchestra.”

“They create their own music as they go, they choose the themes they’re praying about,” Wallnau said, adding that he wants the ensemble to tour the swing states “and do the prophetic worship and tear open the heavens” and help Trump get reelected.

“We got 22 states the left is bringing their rock bands through to get the Millennials out to vote for the suicide of America.”

Wallnau then walked into the church to get some footage of the performance. At one point, a man on stage asked a woman to approach, saying that he promised her that “I would hear her sound.” For musical accompaniment, she announced that all she needed was the drummer.

“Okay,” the woman said after being handed a mic. “This is for our president. He’s in the mess now again, and this song came when I was driving.”

Check out a clip of the performance, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab

Sky Palma

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