One year ago, Colin Powell predicted exactly what is happening to the GOP today

It’s no secret that the modern day Republican Party is in the midst of a crisis. With the bizarre and racist ideology of Donald Trump and his followers at the top of the polls, it’s clear that whatever coherent narrative once emanated from the GOP has taken a back seat to a latent white anger that has finally found a voice – which will no doubt end in another electoral disaster this coming ’16.

Amazingly, retired general and former Secretary of State under George W. Bush Colin Powell saw this disaster materializing long before Trump threw his hat in the race, and openly spoke about his worries for the GOP on Real Time With Bill Maher back in 2014.

“The [GOP] has taken a sharp turn to the right,” Powell started out. “For example, I am a Republican of course… principally because of my background, my feelings about foreign policy and defense spending and things like that, but I’m very moderate with respect to social issues. But I’ve found increasingly over the last 10 or 15 years, the party has moved further away from somebody like me.”

Watch Powell’s full comments in the video below, via Real Time With Bill Maher:

[] Featured image via YouTube

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