Oprah Winfrey canceled Duggar family’s taping and sent them home after learning of Josh’s past

Oprah Winfrey wasted no time in canceling an appearance by the Duggar family on her former talk show when she received an anonymous email pointing to allegations of Josh Duggar’s molesting underage girls, some of who included his sisters.

According to a report from TMZ, the email was received by a Harpo staffer on the morning of December 7, 2006. In addition to revealing Josh Duggar’s past, the email also alleged that his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, covered up their son’s past crimes.

Oprah’s staff immediately notified a child abuse hotline about the allegations, which triggered the police investigation.

Women in the World Conference 2013; 4/5/2013

The day the email was received, the Duggars were already in Chicago preparing for their taping on the show later that day. By 1:17 pm, an Arkansas State police officer, alerted by the tip from Oprah’s staff, called Josh’s mom Michelle and told her to bring her son back home immediately for an interview.

By that time, the taping of the Duggar’s appearance on Oprah’s show had already been canceled.

Featured image: TMZ

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