Oregon ranchers who sparked militia takeover have surrendered to authorities

The Oregon ranchers — who were the reason Blaine Cooper and the Bundy brothers decided to head up an armed insurrection in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge — have surrendered to authorities.

The father and son ranching team of Steven and Dwight Hammond, who are being sentenced on federal arson charges, never told the Bundy ranchers and their accomplices to occupy anything in their names at all, but it happened nonetheless.

The Hammonds’ lawyer, W. Alan Schroeder, insists that his clients are not responsible for the armed insurrection being championed and headed up by the Bundy ranchers.

Perhaps the ranchers and assorted right-wing extremists that occupyied that federal building and the wildlife refuge should take a leaf out of the Hammonds’ book and surrender as well.

Featured image via Twitter

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