Over 1,000 doctors demand that Dr. Oz resign from faculty post for endorsing quack science

A new poll out of New York has found that at least 1,000 doctors think Dr. Mehmet Oz should resign from his faculty position at Columbia University.

Last week, 10 doctors signed a letter for the host of The Dr. Oz Show to be removed from his academic position as a cardiothoracic surgeon at Columbia. The doctors all agree that Oz has promoted products and made claims that aren’t supported by medical evidence.

From livescience.com:

And now, of the 1,300 doctors who responded by 4 p.m. ET today (April 24) to a poll conducted by SERMO, a social network for doctors, 735 doctors (57 percent) said Oz should resign from his faculty position at Columbia. Fifty doctors (4 percent) said Oz should have his medical license revoked. And another 280 doctors (22 percent) said Oz should both resign from his position and have his license taken away. An additional 18 percent said Oz should do nothing, because they respect him as a physician.

The poll is still ongoing.

In the letter, doctors from around the country slammed Oz for his “disdain for science,” adding that his opposition to foods made from GMO’s is “baseless.”

“Worst of all, he has manifested an egregious lack of integrity by promoting quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain,” the letter reads.

Oz said that he never promotes treatments for his own financial benefit, and attacked the doctors who wrote the letter for having ties to the GMO industry.

Oz has argued that he does not oppose GMO foods, but says they should be labeled as GMOs. Critics say such labeling would raise needless alarm among consumers, and that there is no evidence that these foods are not as safe for consumption as are conventionally grown crops.

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