Palin’s Anti-Rove Speech at CPAC Suggests the GOP Should Have Embraced Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock (VIDEO)

In a clear example of the continuing war within the GOP, Sarah Palin fired a shot across the bow of Republican strategist Karl Rove during her speech at CPAC 2013, saying that “if [conservatives] truly know what we believe, we don’t need professionals to tell us.”

Although she didn’t mention Rove by name, Palin railed against the Republican strategist’s recent public calls for the GOP to support more mainstream contenders with solid credentials, rather than “stupid candidates” who make pseudo-scientific comments about pregnancy in regards to rape, such as the now infamous comments of Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock.

“If these experts who keep losing elections, you keep getting rehired raking in millions, if they feel that strongly about who gets to run in this party, then they should buck up or stay in the truck — buck up and run.”

deadstate cpac palin

In another veiled swipe at Rove, Palin referred to his famous nickname, the “Architect,” saying, “[Rove] can head on back to the great Lone Star State and put their name on some ballot, though for their sake I hope they give themselves a discount on their consulting services.”

Interestingly, Palin seemed to suggest that it’s the wrong strategy for the GOP to shun candidates like Akin and Mourdock — even though they cost the GOP two valuable senate seats in the wake of their bizarre comments about rape.

Watch Palin’s anti-Rove comments from her CPAC speech in the video below.

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