Parent wearing glasses and clothes asks: ‘If God wants us to cover our mouth and nose he would’ve made us that way’

During a Birmingham Board of Education meeting in Detroit this Wednesday, anti-maskers booed and yelled insults at board members and speakers, including a high school student who spoke out in favor of mask mandates, The Metro Times reports.

The anti-maskers spewed falsehoods about COVID-19, telling board members that masks are dangerous and that children aren’t at risk of spreading the virus, despite a plethora of evidence to the contrary. Several parents said they’re removing their children from school because of the mandate.

The remarks came after the board and superintendent announced that students, staff, and teachers will be required to wear masks indoors for the start of the school year.

At one point during the meeting, a man in the audience flashed the Nazi salute and said “heil Hitler” while a Black man and Jewish woman were addressing the audience. The Metro Times reports that two men sitting behind him also uttered the phrase.

One woman in attendance offered up a questionable argument against face masks.

“When’s it gonna end,” she said into the microphone. “Our children will never see the freedoms that we enjoyed growing up. They are not even free to breath fresh air. If God wanted us to cover our mouth and nose, he would have made us that way.

Some on Twitter pointed out the glaring contradiction on the women’s logic.

Sky Palma

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